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What Are Search Console Structured Data Reports?


Getting a search console structured data report is essential for understanding how your website ranks on search engines. You’ll get an overview of the content on your website, including links and product snippets. You’ll also get a report of how your website performs on mobile devices and a piece of information on site links and breadcrumbs.


Adding breadcrumbs to your website is a great way to enhance the functionality of your website. They help visitors navigate your site and are a great alternative to the main navigation menu. They also help reduce bounce rates.

Search engines like Google employ breadcrumbs, a type of search console structured data report, to categorize the content of web pages. They are an excellent way to tell Google where to find a page on your site and help visitors find information relevant to their search.

Google Search Console recently added a new structured data report for breadcrumbs. The information will show you which breadcrumbs are working and which aren’t. This new report will help you to stay competitive in the search engine world.

Product snippets

Having a product snippet in the search console structured data report can help you improve your ranking. Besides the fact that it can help you to get more qualified visitors to your site, it can also be a valuable branding tool.

Product snippets are a richer presentation of statements about a product. You can include additional information like availability, prices, and review information. In addition, you can have a picture of the product displayed in the snippet. You can also show the date stamp. The more information you can provide about your product, the more likely you will be able to attract more qualified visitors to your website.

There are three types of product snippets. Each snippet contains statements that have been listed in a particular order. In addition, some of them include recommended and required properties.

Console Structured Data

Unparsable structured data

Despite Google’s best efforts, it’s still tricky to read structured data. However, the Unparsable Structured Data report in Search Console is a tool to help you diagnose and resolve problems. You can access it from the Enhancements tab in Search Console. Let’s check it out soon.

The Unparsable Structured Data report is also an excellent way to determine if Google has parsed your structured data. In addition, this report helps you identify opportunities for richer search results.

Google has introduced three new reports. Each report focuses on a different type of structured data. For example, the Video Enhancements Report shows impressions of pages with schema. Similarly, the Mobile Usability Report shows whether your site is user-friendly on mobile devices.

Google also provides two tools to help you resolve structured data errors. The Structured Data Testing Tool and the URL Inspection Tool allow you to test and fix schema markup code. The URL Inspection Tool will help you identify and resolve issues that might have gone unnoticed. The Structured Data Testing Tool will highlight errors with a red cross.

Mobile usability report

Using Google Search Console, you can check if your site is ready for mobile-first indexing. You’ll see information about your site’s speed, mobile friendliness, and more. You can even fix structured data mistakes and enhance your site’s performance.

Google Search Console’s mobile usability report is similar to its structured data report. This report shows you which pages have mobile usability problems and what you can do to fix them. It also shows you which pages are mobile-friendly.

A report is also an excellent tool for tracking enhancements to your site. For example, you can see which pages are mobile-friendly, which are not, and which have errors. This information can help you to improve your site’s performance and make it faster.

Sitelinks search box

Adding structured data to a website’s search box can help improve your search results and increase your click-through rate. It’s simple, and it’s easy to implement. First, however, you’ll need to follow Google’s guidelines and add the correct structured data to your website.

A Sitelinks search box is a schema markup code that allows users to search for a specific term on your website and then be redirected to your search results page. The code can be implemented efficiently, and Google offers guidelines to help you get started.

Sitelinks search boxes can be displayed in search results and are available for branded searches. Sitelinks search boxes are only visible if a site has a high volume of branded searches. It can appear above other search results pages, such as Pinterest site links, and under the main URL of a brand’s website.